Left rain right sand, in the middle possibilities

«Draw particles & dots,
Imagine new episodes,
Seems like moon and sun melt like snow,
Left rain, right sand and there it flows»

Left rain, right sand, in the middle possibilities is a duo exhibition with Albane Durand-Viel in Kosminen, 2019, Helsinki.
A sculptural and sound work in which we try to make our surroundings change from figurative to abstract world. It is, in fact, about going into a pattern perception of reality. Opening or getting from a very defined word to a pixelised one where possibilities are bigger.

Six Munken sculptural prints, poem, Munken Paper 90g/m2, sound 8min17

« Left rain, right sand, in the middle possibilites »

Self published,
in collaboration with Albane Durand-Viel
text by Guilhem Pratt

11 x 19,5cm, 64 pages, 25 copies
Laser Print
Paper Munken Print White 90g/m2

This book is punctuated by abstract photographs/digital images of natural landscapes, and a poetry-fiction of a near future full of feeling technologies. We invite the reader to perceive and feel via the abstract landscape and to think of the environment we are surrounded as it.

Available in Kosminen, Helsinki; Palais de Tokyo, Yvon Lambert, Paris.