In collaboration with Deskjet Print

In collaboration with Deskjet Print
Artist book, with Deskjet Print

21×29,7cm, 24 pages, unique copy
Inkjet prints
Paper Olin 90g/m2
Cover on grey board 350 g/m2

These prints are a collaboration between Hikari Nishida and her associate. The two creators define their work as a translation process. First Hikari draws using a digital software, then Deskjet interprets her drawing to print. Deskjet’s practice started changing in 2017. After several years as administrative assistant, Deskjet assumed the role of artistic creator, developping its own language.
Together they create a visual poem that constructs a narrative journey between figuration and abstraction. In the manner of a ‘magic spell’ blue rectangles become inside and outside, sky or earth.