If not, then


If not, then

Online publication
Graphic design: Albane Durand-Viel
with Ondine Duché, Misa Asanuma, Zoé Couppé & Léo Peinturier, Daniele Burlando, Ida Stenros.

This work is an online publication shared during six weeks of lockdown, composed in Finland, Greece, France. Each week was a realease of a chapter, by invited artists. Mixed media (texts, video, sound, and images) were shared as using the full capacity of sharing virtually a book.

« My bedroom is my studio and I spend a lot of time online.
I see my friends carrying on somehow with their lives.
Some are luckier than others: live in a forest or have a garden.
Others are more creative than ever: trying new experimental works,
buying a weaving loom with money from cancelled residency in Shanghai,
or building basic photo-shoot studio with coloured A2 size paper on the wall.
We stay at home alone, but we are together in this time. From that feeling,
I am asking to Albane, Ondine, Misa, Zoé & Léo, Daniele, Ida:

Hello ? What are you up to ? How are -> you ? »