Dream (in a dream)

Dream (in a dream) is a performance and installation for collective show « Exit through the Loophole » by VariaLambo at Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki. 22.10.21. The publication was printed on demand during the show. 

Dream (in a dream) is a simple publication consisting of two words : “bonjour” (good morning), “bonsoir” (good evening). It is about the loop of the sunlight, the loop of a day, and visuals playing in the edge between abstraction and figuration. Working with a simple and common inkjet printer is central, since I tried to show the beauty and possibility on experimenting with common tools. Maybe by acknowledging their so called “flaws” on printing, and ink, and trying to be in collaboration, conversation with their magic. Working with them as also a way to answer VariaLambo show’s : how to escape our current situation, by creating a loophole? Paper, print, print on post-it, print when lack of ink, printing on prints, letting the printer talk and create. Performing for an evening in Helsinki.

Artists: Shubhangi Singh, Marloes van Son, Hikari Nishida, Elina Nissinen, Gladys Camilo.