I don’t want to buy a sandwich today

« I don’t want to buy a sandwich today. »

Self-published, in collaboration with Risako Yamanoi.
12,5×19,5 cm, 35 pages, 25 copies
Silkscreen cover, risography
Paper Munken Print White 115

Presented for « Papercuts » at Publics, 22-24.01.21, Helsinki

A collection of small anecdotes around the Japanese rice ball.
« What is onigiri after all?
An Onigiri is a rice ball. As long as it is the rice shaped by hands, it is Onigiri. It is different than Sushi. While Sushi is something fancy that we eat in Sushi restaurants, Onigiri is very hubmle and easy-going food, mostly meant for carrying around. The simplest Onigiri is the salted Onigiri—only salt and the rice.
You can put whatever you like into Onigiri. It can be whatever shape. It does not have to look perfect like the emoji rice ball. »